Cloud Application Solutions

Cloud application solutions are greatly dynamic and depend on various elements and services too, usually operating outside users’ control. Horizontal scaling makes applications more disturbed and complicated. As the latest build spots connects up third party services, limited network visibility, hypervisor dynamics, temporary virtual machines, disconnected host metrics, well control and visibility can easily lost.

One touch has been providing IT applications and IT infrastructure services to different types of industries since from the time when the concept of “cloud” became a mainstream. We have been operating all Cloud Application Solutions, developing and migrating complicated mission systems and large scale shared service centers.

Cloud Computing promises the best of all worlds. The ability to scale up and down IT resources as desired, access to the most advanced technologies and best practices, maximum uptime, and reduction of maintenance and resource expenses.

Cloud Computing has revolutionized the IT world, combined several shared resources at your personal computers. One can have the benefit of many services that could not be imagined even.

There are several cloud applications solutions in Dubai which includes the services of messaging (e-mails), CRM management, project management utilities, management software’s, billing, accounting, web portals, calendars, maps, office utilities, smart phone synchronization applications, many web based apps and much more. One Touch offers all these services in their cloud application solutions & cloud solutions dubai.

Our Features

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