• Cloud Backup Solutions

Cloud Backup Solutions

You feel that cloud storage services will be best suited to your needs of data backup storage? Cost-effectiveness is your main aim while deciding for a data backup system and you think that there is no better solution for that then cloud services? You are concerned about the security of your data backup and you think that only the cloud service providers have the right amount of security against data breaches then contact One Touch and our team of IT professionals will help you to setup data backup storage in any of the cloud service you want to use.

There are two kinds of cloud backup solutions provided by our team of aces

  • Business Level Backup
  • Normal Backup storage

In the Business level backup storage solutions, some of the leading players include cloud services like

  • Amazon S3 cloud
  • Acronis Cloud
  • Asigra

We’ll be happy to provide you cloud services from any preferred vendor of your choice as well because we at One Touch have policy of not being restricted to any particular hardware or software. There are certain benefits of using a Business level backup cloud services like reliable services from professional companies and larger space for data backup. Such solutions are decided on the basis of size of backup you want to have on these cloud services. Bandwidth and daily data transfer rate is also a deciding factor for price and standard of service in such kind of solutions.

Tools like sink tools and server tools are setup on your computer in order to have backup stored on your cloud services.

Normal Cloud based backup solutions consist of tools that cost you from $10 to $15. You can have your data backup stored on such tools but there are some glitches attached to such solutions. You might be shown a data backup of 70 GB but if you want to download it, you might get a much smaller fraction of it as restored backup storage.

One Touch has the experience of dealing with the best vendors and cloud service providers. We carry local representative status of some cloud services while act as retailers for some other cloud companies as well. This provides us with an opportunity to serve our clients with a distinction.

We can send your initial backup data saved in a hard drive directly to the cloud company so that you don’t have to upload mammoth data yourself. In case you lose your data, we can have your data restored by asking our vendor to send you the data in a hard drive so that you don’t have to spend hours to download your data backup.

Our Features

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