You are a large multinational IT Company or Hardware vendor which has its business operations based mainly in Europe or North America and now you want to tap on the business opportunities offered in the countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries? You need a partner company in the region that can help you carry out specific tasks like IMCAD then One Touch is the perfect choice to make.

One Touch carry massive experience in the field of Install, Move, Add/Change, De-Install Solutions which are otherwise known as IMACD solutions in the industry. Making use of ITIL based best practices, One Touch IT engineers take care of all the necessary arrangements and requirements that are required to be fulfilled according to the SLA of our vendor.


Our installation services include complete configuration of equipment and hardware attached to that equipment at the end user’s workplace. Transfer of User data, custom applications and OS settings are done according to the guidelines provided by the vendors.


Moving of IT resources will be done both within a building or any other building. It includes procedures like careful de-installation of equipment devices and associated devices and then their flawless installation at the new place. Utmost care is taken to make this transition safe and secure both physically and virtually.


Adding of new software or replacing them with some new software or iterations is also done with ease by our IT professionals. We can also add or change hardware devices associated with a network or computer in a seamless manner. Some of these devices include

  • Memory devices
  • External Drives
  • Internal Boards
  • DVD/CD drives
  • Additional Network Connectivity


De-Installation services of our team are entirely different from earlier mentioned installation services. We’ll dismount any installed IT equipment or resource from a workstation and then place it in a designated storage.

With One Touch at your side as your local partner in the region, you don’t have to worry about fulfillment of your SLAs that you have signed with your clients here in UAE or any other Middle East country. Our team of professionals is well aware of the vendor client commitments and we know how to effectively deliver according to the commitments that you have promised in your worldwide support contract.

Our Features

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Onsite & Offsite Support
  • Timely Support
  • Expert Analysis
  • Any time Access
  • Cost Effective
  • Client Oriented Approach
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