Being an international vendor with operations sprawling halfway around the world, you have just realized the importance of having a partner company in the booming region of Middle East which consists of economic hubs like Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia? You want a company who can help you fulfill your SLAs that you have signed with your various clients to provide them with solutions and services no matter which part of the world they operate in? Then One Touch is the country which has not only generated repute as an independent IT support company in UAE but has also struck various partnership deals with international vendors to represent them in the whole GCC region.

We can help you complete your task of Move, Add, and Change and De-Install also known as MAC/D for your various clients based in UAE market and around Middle East as well.


Move mainly means moving of IT and networking based assets from one place to another. Asset Management validation will be performed duly. Our IT engineers can de-install all the IT based equipment and all the peripherals effectively without any damage and will ensure a safe re-installation at the new site. They’ll ascertain that all the equipment is up and running without any damage just like at the previous workplace.


Add and change facilities are provided both for a software and hardware vendor for respective clients in the region for which SLA has been signed between One Touch and the vendor. All the standard changes or additions that are requested by the vendor to be made in the equipment or system of their clients will be accordingly made by our team of IT engineers.


An onsite engineer will be designated to de-install any piece of hardware or software after a request is received from vendor. De-installed asset, if physical in nature like a device or piece of hardware, will be transferred to the storage location as mentioned by the vendor or its client.

One Touch is proficient in providing service to international vendors with a promise that no compromise will be made in the quality of Services because it’s just not your repute but our repute as well which is at stake.

Our Features

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Onsite & Offsite Support
  • Timely Support
  • Expert Analysis
  • Any time Access
  • Cost Effective
  • Client Oriented Approach
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