• NAS Backup Solutions

NAS Backup Solutions

You are a new SME company who is in need of a backup solution but you are restrained by the budget costs? You want a handy and cost effective solution for your office so that you can meet both the cost and the data backup requirements. NAS based back solutions from One Touch are the ideal choice for you because they enable you to spend less and on the same time enjoy the facility of data recovery.

One Touch has the perfect team of IT professionals who are expert in the NAS based backup solution. They’ll setup recovery system based upon your demands. Our Network Attached Storage a.k.a. NAS are offered on hardware of various vendors/manufacturer. We have special expertise in installing hardware from companies like

  • Buffalo
  • iOmega
  • Lenovo EMC
  • Synology

You can adjust the storage of a NAS based upon your data needs and the price for such a hardware is so low that you’ll not be bothered by the price tag at least as far as the storage capacity is concerned for such devices.

One of our solutions for NAS based backup is that we can transfer your backup data from your NAS server into an external hardware drive. This makes your data portable and hence can be transferred from one place to another which otherwise would seem to be impossible with a NAS backup storage device.

There are many other solutions that we can offer to our clients on a very cost effective basis in the category of NAS backup solution small business. All you have to do is contact One Touch and our team of IT professionals will make sure that you get the best possible solutions setup at your workplace.

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