Network Storage Solutions

You are looking for some extra storage attached to your network? You are a young entrepreneur who is looking to increase the storage capacity that is available alongside your network at your workplace? May be you are an ISP who wants to have an additional space to share media files like movies, songs or other files with your customers? You are a large corporate business who thinks that it’s time to expand the data storage capacity for important files on your network? OneTouch has designed its Network Storage solution in order to provide you service just according to your requirements.
Our team of IT professionals carries more than 10 years’ experience in the field of installation and maintenance of such network storage solutions from all the major vendors like

  • Buffalo
  • iOmega
  • Lenovo EMC
  • Synology
  • Apart from these hardware choices, we’ll be happy enough to install Network Attached storage (NAS) hardware even from a preferred vendor of client’s choice. Such attached devices can easily be used if you are not satisfied with storage capacity of your current network and want an ability to store higher file volume on your network.

    OneTouch also provides several solutions along with NAS installation like server backup so that in case any of your data from server is removed because of a virus or other technical glitch, you would always know that your data is secure. Apart from providing centralized storage space to all the connected clients of a network, Network Storage solutions can come handy for several other tasks as well. They can serve as cheap storage for load balancing of services like

    Our Features

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    • Cost Effective
    • Client Oriented Approach
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