• Tape Backup Solutions

Tape Backup Solutions

Data backup is an important feature of workplace whether you are a new startup, or an SME or a large multi-national corporate business. It not only secures your precious office data for you but also gives you a chance to retrieve it in case you were attacked by an outside virus or because of an internal malfunction.

Tape Solutions are an effective method of data backup for all kind of businesses and One Touch’s team of IT professionals has all the necessary expertise in utilizing tape drives to backup data in your office. There are two kinds of tape drive solutions offered by One Touch to its clients

  • Individual Tape Solutions
  • Tape Library Solutions

Individual tape backup solutions are best in case you don’t have much data to backup and are not bothered by changing tapes after a particular time. You can also use this solution in case you have an IT department of your own which can change tapes for you after tape is filled with data. Several hardware vendors can be used for tape solutions like HP LTO tapes or hardware from any other manufacturer of our client’s choice.

In tape library solutions, our staff of IT engineers will install an automatic board system at your workplace. Library will contain 50 taps with bar code mechanism. Tapes are changed one after the other so that our clients don’t have to take the headache of changing them whenever one of them runs out of data space.

A major benefit of these solutions is that even in case a fire breaks out in your office, you don’t have to worry about the data tapes because they are fire proof and your data stored in them will remain secure even in the fire. These data tapes also ensure portability of your office data and increases the chances of its security. You can simply send backup files of one office to another office so that in case there is some physical or computer based glitch in one office, you’ll have the data of that office secured in another branch office. Data tapes can be sent to Head Office and data backup tapes of head office files can be sent to one or two main branches.

One Touch not only has the plans to secure your data into backup but has practical experience of these solutions because of our dedicated clients. You want a company who takes importance of your data very seriously then One Touch is the company that you were looking for.

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