Virtual Server Solutions

You want a virtual server solution in order to get rid of the maintenance costs of the in-house server? As a new start-up company you want to have a server solution for your company without having to pay for the setup and security expenses? As a large corporate firm, you think that it is best suited for you to procure virtual server solutions from a company who has right amount of expertise and experience in the field? OneTouch is the best suited company when it comes to Virtual Server Solutions because we have the best combination of experience and pool of IT engineers who are going to bring you the best possible services in the market.
Our team of IT professionals is not bound to any specific hardware as we can offer server solutions from any of the vendor/manufacturer that is preferred by our client. Some of the virtual servers that we deal in include

  • VMware
  • Virtual Box
  • Hyper
  • Microsoft Virtual Server
  • Not only the installation has no restrictions of hardware but OneTouch can install the OS of your choice as well on these servers and complete solution will be provided accordingly. It is a feature of our service that we have been able to provide to our customer due to several certification carried by our prized team of professionals like Microsoft, Apple and CISCO certification. We also have expertise in transferring your physical server environment into a virtual based server environment. We promise this transformation to be flawless and smooth so that our client doesn’t have to be bothered by frequent operating issues.

    In case, you are having constant application conflict or you are having a problem in running different application on the same server, we can also provide you full assistance in this regard as well. Our Virtual Server Solutions also encompasses methods to solve such glitches by creating a virtual environment or by any other customized virtual solution that can be suggested once contacted. We promise our clients not only satisfactory services but our solutions will also enhance performance at your workplace. Try us for our Virtual Server Solution and we guarantee that you’ll be doing a favor to yourself.

    Our Features

    • Proactive monitoring
    • Onsite & Offsite Support
    • Timely Support
    • Expert Analysis
    • Any time Access
    • Cost Effective
    • Client Oriented Approach
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